Pinpointing the potential of smart charging

By februari 1, 2018Slim laden

Pinpointing the potential of smart charging

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MRA-E, G4 en ElaadNL
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februari 2018
Youssef el Bouhassani, HvA

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At request of MRA-E, G4 and ElaadNL, HvA is researching the potential of Smart Charging. In this blog Youssef el Bouhassani pinpoints this potential.

In an ideal future we would be eating toast in the morning, watching our favourite soap opera in the evening and driving electric vehicles (EVs). Driving EVs will reduce the carbon footprint but as a consequence of higher electricity demand for charging EV’s, the load on the grid will increase.

Especially in the morning and the evening when the demand for electricity for domestic use and for charging EVs peaks. The moments we want to have our toast and watch our favourite soap opera will not change that much, so the question is whether we can schedule charging session such that the grid load is reduced while meeting electricity demand.

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