E-mobility getting smart with data

E-mobility getting smart with data

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Laadgedrag, Laadinfrastructuur, Slim laden
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juni 2019
MRA-Elektrisch, G4-steden, Over Morgen, Vattenfall and many others

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You are about to enter the world of electric mobility, more specifically the world of public-charging infrastructure for electric mobility. Over the past five years, we – researchers, teachers and students, together with municipalities, research institutes and companies – have gathered and analysed the charging data of public-charging infrastructure in the Netherlands. Together, we wanted to get smart, based on data, facts and figures. We have achieved this through experiments, evaluations of roll-out policies, and by developing computational models to simulate the future. There are many ways to determine whether, where and what charging infrastructure to install. Demand-driven roll-out strategies have been applied next to the strategic placement of charging stations. Both regular and fast charging points have been installed and monitored. Stand-alone charging stations with two sockets, and charging hubs have been put in place. Smart-charging experiments have been executed at AC charging stations, and battery packs for solar energy storage have been installed.

This book captures five years of research results on the roll-out of public-charging infrastructure.

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